On Canada Day I was invited to appear at the OLG Casino Thunder Bay’s block party & cruiser day. This is an annual event, that I was honoured to be a part of in my position as Miss Teen Thunder Bay World 2013. The block party consisted of food booths, live entertainment from local artists, and a vintage car display.

At the block party I had the opportunity to meet many people and talk to them about what it is like to represent my city, the official charity of MTCW Free the Children, and the pageant itself. As well I took pictures with many people and their amazing vintage cars! Later in the afternoon, I announced draw winners on stage and talked to the crowd about Miss Teen Canada World as well as my title.

It was an incredible day, and an amazing time to celebrate Canada and the people who live here!

On stage at the OLG:


Taking pictures with the hardworking volunteers:

A Pink Thunderbird, one of the many beautiful restored vehicles:

The OLG Casino Thunder Bay, with many cars lined up in front:

Taking pictures at the event:


It was a wonderful day, and I hope everyone had a safe and happy Canada Day as well!


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When I decided to compete in Miss Teen Canada World 2013 and learned about the amazing work done by Free the Children, I knew that I should host an awesome event to raise money for this cause. I came up with the idea of hosting a Dinner & Dance Event, because anyone that knows me knows I love to dance and host a party!

Hosting an event of this size took a lot of hard work, involvement from my friends and family, and support from the community.

I would like to extend my warmest gratitude to all of my friends and family who attended by event and helped to sell tickets! In addition I would like to thank the businesses who donated products for my silent auction! Thank you to Maltese Grocery Thunder Bay, AVON, The Body Shop, The Picture Store, OLG Thunder Bay Casino, and LUX Boutique!

The night was a fabulous success! Over 130 guests attended, the silent auction went outstanding and the 50/50 draw alone raised $400 for Free the Children!

The night began with a speech and introduction by myself, followed by dinner, musical performances after the meal, draws, and finally dancing!


Musical Performances:





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Fort William Historical Park is a cultural attraction that draws people from across North America to discover the heritage of the park that was once a very significant hub for the Canadian fur trade business two hundred years ago. The Fort has diverse facilities that allow visitors to experience both the past and the present. The Fort allows visitors to immerse themselves in history acted out by the talented performers of the facility and learn the dramatic story of the Fort’s modern reconstruction as well how Fort William dominated the North American fur trade.

Fort William Historical Park is a 25 acre park located in Thunder Bay that draws over 100 000 vistors annually to experience a cultural experience that is not to be forgotten. The Fort is the world’s largest reconstructed fur trade post and one of Ontario’s premier outdoor tourist attractions. During the 1800s, the Fort was a centre of commerce with history that intertwined with the political and economic development of North America.

Visit to learn about the lifestyle at the Fort, the Great Rendezvous, and the North West Company. Experience more than 40 reconstructed historical buildings and live historical performances during your visit. Attractions within the Fort include the Agret Store, apothecary, bell house, boucher’s house, canoe shoed, Canot du Nord, the Cantine Restaurant, corn store, council house, counting house, dairy & ice house, dry goods store, east house, farm (with live farm animals and horses), fur stores, garden, great hall, guides house, hospital, Indian Shop, kitchen & bakery, native encampment, naval shed, North West House, provisions store, armourer, blacksmith, carpenter, cooper, tailor, tinsmith, tradesmen’s house, voyageur encampment, wintering house and more!

As well as historical entertainment, the Fort is also a gathering place for business meetings and organizations. In addition to the Visitor Centre and Council Room, the Fort William Historical Park has a multitude of venue choices. The Bell House and East House are reconstructed buildings that contain lodging, kitchen and dining facilities perfect for retreats and meetings for overnight stays in a place formerly used by Northwest Company clerks and interpreters.

In addition, another facility of the park is the David Thompson Astronomical Observatory. THE DTAO allows focused views of galaxies, nebulas, star clusters, and planets and is one of the largest publicly accessible telescopes in Central Canada.

Vist the Fort William Historical Park today for an experience you will never forget!

Thank you Niagara Falls for sponsoring Miss Teen Canada World’s 2nd blog challenge!

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My TV Commercial treatment for personalized bath towels begins on a set of a vintage laundromat. The time period of the commercial is modern day. My target audience would be couples and newlyweds between the ages of 20-35. I chose this as my target audience because I want to convey the idea of personalized bath towels as the perfect wedding shower,wedding, house warming or baby shower gift. My commercial will show the genuine love story of a young man and a young woman, and his strenuous search to return her left behind towel and find the beautiful woman once again. The storyline of the commercial is similar to the romantic movie “The Lucky One”.

The Laundromat is the first set and is clean but with a vintage charm, the song “Hey Stephen” by Taylor Swift would be playing lightly from an old radio. The atmosphere is comfortable and light. A few lights throughout the room would flicker, as the buzz of the machines continues to go on over the music. I would cast three people to begin on the set of the Laundromat; a beautiful petite young woman in her early twenties with flowing blonde hair, a young man who is muscular and tall with brown hair, and an older woman in her mid fifties.

The young woman is wearing a loose fitting grey sweater with a black mini skirt, and sheer black tights. Her hair styled loosely in a low sitting ponytail. She has an air of poise and confidence about her. Her shoes are black leather lace up oxford heels. Her makeup is natural, bringing life to her face. I want this character to be beautiful, elegant but dressed casually. She should be in her early twenties. For this role I would cast Dianna Agron, an up and coming actress from “I am number Four”.

The young man is wearing a casual plaid long-sleeve shirt with a grey t-shirt beneath and the top buttons down. His hair is styled swept back, and messily. His shoes are clean lace up sneakers. This character should look mature, in his early twenties with an air of confidence. For this role I would cast Grant Gustin, up and coming actor from the popular series “GLEE”.

The older woman  will play the role of the laundromat attendant. She should be in her mid fifties with a gentle quality about her. The attendant will be dressed casually, with her hair styled neatly.  Her makeup will be natural. For this role I would cast actress Betty Buckley, from “Pretty Little Liars”.

The commercial would begin with all three people inside the Laundromat. The older woman would be asleep at a desk with a book in her hand. The young man would be taking handfuls of clothes and throwing them into an available machine, as he puts in his coins the machine begins to hum and a woman a few machines away catches his eye. The woman is taking her freshly dried clothes out from a drier, and the man continues to look her way unbeknownst to her. Then she catches his glance and gives him a sweet smile. As the man gathers his things and takes a seat, he notices that the woman is gone. Quickly he stands and runs over to her machine and lays a hand on it (nostalgically), and notices she has left a personalized bath towel inside with the name “Aubrey” eloquently across it in script. It is then that he decides to search for the beautiful woman and return her towel to her. At this point in the commercial, the music changes to a fast-paced lyric-less melody to convey the man’s determination to find her. The atmosphere changes to excitement and hope. I want the audience to stay glue to the screen with their concern for whether of not he finds this dream woman.We will see the man rush out of the laundromat, and a montage of his quest to find her. He will put up posters of the towel, post things online, and continually visit the laundromat to see if her will run into her once again. He decides to make his final attempt to find her by ordering his own personalized bath towel with “Go on a date with me?” written across it, and asks the owner to turn the laundromat into a romantic dinner spot. He is hoping she will show up because it has been exactly one month since they saw eachother.

It is then that the woman walks into the decorated laundromat as the man is lighting a candle on the table. The atmosphere has changed at this point to romantic and magical. He turns around, smiles at her and holds up the towel to show her. She nods and the two sit down for a romantic dinner. After this the commercial will cut to a future scene of the man on one knee holding a towel that says “Marry me?”, and then have a final cut to the couple holding drying off their newborn son with a bath town that says “Baby Boy”.

 Set for “Baby Boy” towel scene. A modern living room space that is warm and inviting.

The final clip displayed at the end of the commercial would have simple text saying “Want your own towel story? Visit signaturetowels.com

My disbursement of the budget would be:

  • $50 000 individual pay for actress Dianna Agron
  • $50 000 individual pay for actor Grant Gustin
  • $20 000 pay for actress portraying the laundromat attendent
  • $500 Hair
  • $500 Makeup
  • $2000 Wardrobe
  • $37 000 set materials & decorations
  • $50 000 pay for filming & lighting crew
  • $40 000 pay for commercial editing staff

Overall my pitch for the commercial focuses on the idea of personalized bath towels  being the perfect gift for any occasion because they are personal, unqiue and usuable gifts for any age, especially newly married couples and young families. My commercial pitch conveys the love story of a couple that will capture the attention of the viewers and have them associate the gift of towels with a thoughtfulness of a friend or love.


Written by: Jacqueline Marsh
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A green building is a building designed to be environmentally sustainable. It is a building that is specifically designed to minimize the amount of environmental impact through green design, construction and operation. The strategies to achieve a green building include reducing energy consumption, recycling materials for construction, water conservation, and recycling waste. There are many innovations that contribute to making a building more green including green retrofitting, solar paneling, rain collection, intelligent thermostats, light timers, insulation, composting, geothermal heating systems and more.

An LEED building certification is a green building program that is recognized internationally and provides owners/operators with a structure to implement environmentally sustainable designs and operations. An energy efficiency rating is a rating that indicates the efficiency of heating equipment and other energy using appliances and products. An EnerGuide label on many energy-consuming devices indicates the energy rating in comparison to the standard efficiency of that product/device.

A great example of a green building in the City of Thunder Bay is the SJCG Sister Margaret Smith Centre, which is an LEED Gold Certified Building. It was constructed in 2009 and designed by FORM Architecture Engineering.

It is a green building because it embodies five sustainable design strategies: daylight lighting reduced environmental footprint, water use reduction through landscaping, energy reduction, and communication of environmental vision through meetings. The building is eco-friendly while providing a calm and welcoming environment to the patients.

It has three large round roof windows that provide natural light to the interior, and low maintenance seeds and sodding to reduce irrigation. In addition the Sister Margaret Smith Centre has double- and triple- glazed low-e windows to optimize energy performance, and a flat roof that complies with energy star requirements. The building was designed around a courtyard of green space to allow light to enter regular occupied spaces, radiant floor heating system throughout and 100% fresh air displacement ventilation. The center embodies the philosophy hat a healing environment is a part of the healing process, which can be seen through it’s environmentally sustainable and relaxing design.

Written by: Jacqueline Marsh
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Hello! My name is Jacqueline Adele Marsh. I am an eighteen year old High School Student in my hometown, Thunder Bay Ontario. Thunder Bay has been an incredible place to grown up, surrounded by the beauty of nature and constant opportunity to explore the multiculturalism that it holds. Home of the Sleeping Giant, Fort William Historical Park, Prince Arthur’s Landing, the Terry Fox Monument and those are only naming a few, life in Thunder Bay is never boring.

During my life, my parents have taught me to appreciate the blessings I have been given, and I am so thankful for their continuous support for me during all of my endeavours, including my participation in Miss Teen Canada- World 2013!

Growing up I would have never thought of myself as a pageant girl, but deciding to enter my first pageant was one of the greatest decisions of my life. My passions in life are music, art, reading, and performing. Even before the pageant world I have always had a passion for performing. I discovered a love for dance and spent  10 years learning the art of ballet, tap, jazz, and pointe. Later on in life I found myself drawn to music, and dedicated myself to 5 years of classes for Piano, 4 years of singing lessons, and one year of acoustic guitar. As well I have had the opportunity of being with Lakehead Modelling school for 10 years as a student, and now as an educator to young women.

Here is a photo of myself and my two bestfriends performing in my high school’s performance of Hairspray! (Photo Credit: Thunder Bay Community Auditorium)

Here is a picture of myself performing the opening number at Lakehead Modeling’s “Decades of Fashion” fashion show!

In my community I have had the chance to work with many charities for many different causes but the dearest to my heart being P.R.O. Kids (Positive Recreation Opportunities for Kids). P.R.O. Kids is a charitable organization that works to provide recreational activities to youth that are not otherwise able to participate because of lack of funds. It gives young people a chance to participate in activities they enjoy, that their families could not afford. This cause is very important to me because as a child I was lucky enough to be involved in many activities and they have shaped the person that I am today. I have had the pleasure of working with P.R.O. Kids as the Youth Representative on the Board of Directors this year, and have learned so much about the need for these chances for kids as well as the dramatic impact it makes on so many lives in my community.  I hope to raise public awareness of this amazing organization that does so much work in my community of Thunder Bay.

I am honoured to be able to represent this wonderful community as Mis Teen Thunder Bay- World 2013 in the upcoming pageant. I hope to be able to make a difference for my cause as well as the City of Thunder Bay.

Written by: Jacqueline Marsh
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Written by: MTC Blog Team
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Hi there! It is now Wednesday, so day 5 of the competition. We have done so much fun stuff! Yesterday we woke up very early (4 a.m.) and got ready to go to Breakfast Television and watch the show. After that, we went down to the waterfront and went on a very relaxing boat ride touring the beautiful city of Toronto, Ontario. It was very hot outside, but we all enjoyed a few hours of just relaxing. Tonight we rehearsed the opening and swimsuit dance numbers which are both extremely cute! You will have to come see for yourself.

Tomorrow is going to be another fun-filled day. First we are heading down, or should I say up, to the CN Tower. After we take in the beautiful view, we will be doing some shopping at the Eaton Centre, which all of us young ladies are super excited for! And tomorrow night we will be going out for a lovely supper. Hopefully we have just as much of fun as we did today, or more!

2 more days until the Preliminary Competition! Cannot wait!

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Mentor Night in Toronto July 15th 2012.

Dr. Natalie ArcherDr. Natalie Archer

“You are not fully dressed without a smile,” is Natalie Archer’s powerful motto. Toronto dentist, hospital dentist, Mother and Mentor, Natalie Archer shares her knowledge about maintaing a career, family, and giving back. Natalie has a Rosedale Family Dental Care practice, and a new dental clinic, the Runnymede Dental Centre. As a busy woman, Natalie shared her thoughts about building a family when we reach adulthood, and be sure to be with someone who is very supportive. Dr. Archer reminds us to keep education #1! No one can take away your education, so take advantage of it and learn!

She quotes “Build your web, because you never know when you are going to catch the fly,” meaning that each and every individual should take hold of every opportunity that they can.

Dr. Natalie Archer shares her 4 keys to success in advance planning:

  1. Women and society need female power (Business leaders) Very important to control your own destiny
  2. 38% of women are making the money for family. Keep relationships strong, have limits and pick a good partner
  3. Make having children a priority before it is too late
  4. Question things that do not seem right

Melani Chong

Melani Chong

Melani Chong’s life  did not happen as she had planned. As a young girl, Melani’s primary focus was sports. Although Melani’s youth was made up mostly with her love and passion for sports, she always had a love for fashion and beauty. Although she never was interested in the modelling field, her father thought she had closed her mind to something that could be (and was) a huge opportunity for her. Her father noticed a Ford Modelling  agency one day at the mall and mentioned it to Melanie; who had no desire to take on this opportunity. After going to the mall with her father to go “shopping”, she finally decided to embrace the opportunity at hand. Two weeks later, Melani received a call from the very well known, Sutherland Models and became a finalist in the top 100 model search. Soon after, became a Ford Model. However, Melani knew there was something else in store for her. Being a woman who loved to take care of herself and believed that health was the core of every individual, she developed a natural skin care company, Soya Boutique. Melani went back to school and educated herself well enough to come up with something completely from scratch. She wanted everyone to see beauty through simplicity. Although a highly educated woman, she believes that we as humans do not know everything. We need to continue to learn. She shares a quote from Socrates: “Wisest is he who knows what he does not know.” Stating the importance of the continuity of education. We must learn to keep sharing and developing our messages, but always maintain your passion. Because passion leads to drive, and drive leads to core actions.

katrina hadden

Katrina Hadden

Passionate about health and wellness, size 12 model, author and trainer, Katrina Hadden makes a powerful statement about focusing on achieving dreams and goals. Like Melani, Katrina Hadden had a passion for sports, especially basketball. She had a dream: To play in the WNBA. Unfortunately, her dream quickly to an end as she injured her knee. However, that did not stop Katrina from chasing after a new dream. Many of Katrina’s friends mentioned modelling to her. As a plus size model, Katrina felt that she was put into a different category. She was not skinny enough, and at one event, she was made bigger as pads were added to her body. Katrina felt as though she needed to be in a category. So, she decided to lose weight, and eventually she developed an eating disorder. Soon after, she realized that she wanted to be who she was, a plus size model wanting to help others accept who they are. After moving to Toronto from her hometown of Ottawa, she decided to change agencies. Ben Berry modelling agency was the one she chose because of their passion for all shapes and sizes. Soon after, Katrina was chosen, of all other smaller models, to shoot a Panasonic commercial because of her positive energy and confidence in herself. After that, she was asked to walk in Toronto Fashion Week. Although she had to maintain a straight face while walking the runway, she was smiling so big inside as she received a huge applaud by the audience (showing their support of all sized models).

Katrina believed that no matter who you are, what you have been through, your nationality, your figure, etc., you are unique in your own way. Katrina Hadden Life Coaching for Athletes describes the help Katrina provides to individuals in order to reach their personal goals. Through her knowledge of stress management, personal development, work-life balance, and health and wellness, Katrina does her best to help every individual get closer to their dreams.

Being a role model herself, she shared her five ways to be a role model:

  1.  Take care of your body and health
  2. Find a way to get away from the world (ex: playing a sport)
  3. Carry an attitude of gratitude
  4. Let go & Forgive
  5. Never quit

Alexandra Orlanmdo, Olympic athleteAlexandra Orlando

Olympian, Motivational Speaker, Entertainer and Author, Alexandra Orlando lives the average teenage life. Many people are taught to believe that through teenage years is the time in life where you are supposed to figure out what you want to do, what you are passionate about, and overall, who you are. However, Alexandra believes that that is the time where you begin to realize how strong you actually are; stronger than you think you are. Our teenage lives hit us with so many things, without us even noticing it.

Alexandra’s road to the Olympics was anything but pretty. For many people, Olympians are seen as heroes who live life easily, without worries. However, Alexandra speaks out about the hard work behind the scenes. Unfortunately she did not qualify after the Olympic trials due to 1/10th of a point. And, Alexandra’s world came crashing down. Alexandra felt like that was it, she would not have another chance at what she wanted, she lost. She gained weight, and many people told her to just give up on rhythmic gymnastics. It was not until one of Alexandra’s friends asked her the most important question: “Why do you do gymnastics?” Alexandra then realized that she did rhythmic gymnastics because she loved it. It was her true passion. Something that no one could take away from her.

In 2008, Alexandra qualified for the Olympics and continues to be a highly decorated world-class Rhythmic Gymnast. Her wisdom is shared through her award winning book called In Pursuit of Victory and has recently published her second motivational book,  Breaking Through My Limits: An Olympian Uncovered.

Alexandra makes 3 important messages about life:

  1. Rejection makes you stronger
  2. You cannot be scared to fail. Just go for it, full force, no regrets
  3. You are so much stronger than you think you are
  4. As you figure out your goals, thank those who are behind you and supporting you

I was very happy to have had the opportunity to listen to each of these inspiring women, all whom had very strong messages for us ladies. I hope to someday inspire other young women. Thank you Dr. Natalie Archer, Melani Chong, Katrina Hadden, and Alexander Orlando for your strong and meaningful words!


Written by: Sabrina Felice
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Hi everyone!  Guess what? We’ve arrived! We have finally arrived at our beautiful hotel here in Toronto! Finally, I have met my roommate Katarina Lulic, from British Columbia.    In a little bit we will get to meet all the other young ladies at the little party that is going to be happening here!

Can’t wait to meet everyone else!!!

…..Just met all the ladies and had some interesting conversations with some. Everyone is so different, yet amazing! We all received our new sashes and are now waiting for dinner!

Had a chance to learn about some of our amazing sponsors, S-Trip!, Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics, Me to We, and Sallazzo! Thank you for the amazing and cute gifts that we received!

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