Today was the last day of activities, and getting to see Toronto! This morning we woke up early to go see the Giant Panda Exhibit at the Toronto Zoo. The two pandas named Er Shun (female) and Da Mao (male) are on loan from China for 10 years, they will spend the next 5 years in Toronto and then will be moved to the Alberta Zoo. The two pandas were absolutely adorable and it was my first time every seeing one in the flesh!














Then we went to the Polar Bear Exhibit and saw the two large polar bears eating a snack and walking around their area!














After enjoying our time at the zoo, we took a break from the scorching Toronto heat and came back to the Holiday Inn to rehearse our numbers for the final show on saturday, July 20th.











In the evening the MTCW girls and myself got ready to go to the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. The facility was unreal, it felt like I had taken a time machine back to the med age! We were then directed to the stadium were we sat to watch the tournament and eat our meal using our hands! It was a funny experience eating our hands but the food was delicious! The show was fantastic, unlike anything I have ever seen before! It had jousting, horseback riding, role playing of actors as King, Princess, Knights etc. as well as smoke, light, and sound effects to make the experience even more real!














I was seated in the yellow section, so my table & section cheered on the yellow knight! And when he won a part of the tournament he threw flowers for our section! It was another fun day of excitement, but now the real pageant begins!


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