Today was a day of nerves, excitement and experiences! Today was the day of the judges interview, photo shoot, and video interview. The day began with an early breakfast at the hotel and then hair & makeup by the team of stylists.

The judges interview is always a pageant component that makes me nervous, but it went well and I am so thankful for the judges patience and kindness! It must be tough to interview 65 contestants in one day!

After the interview I enjoyed a wonderful lunch and then went to get my hair and makeup professionally done. The photo shoot was fast but very fun! Having a fan blow at me during the pictures felt especially glamourous. I wore my favourite purple cocktail dress!














This picture is from when I wore the dress to my winter semi-formal.

Finally the video shoot was so fun to be a part of! I got to record my introduction and answer 2 questions on camera! Overall the day was absolutely spectacular and another incredible day of Miss Teen Canada World 2013!

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