I can’t believe it is already day four!! Wow, so today began with breakfast at Grenadier Cafe which was once again delicious then we headed by bus to Union Fit for our yoga class, while wearing our new Hi-Tech Canada Running shoes! After enjoying a challenging yet relaxing yoga class we made our way back to the hotel to rehearse for the final show!














We rehearsed for a couple of hours with our talented choreographer Sean, ate lunch and quickly changed to head to the Toronto Eaton Centre. At the Eaton Center we had the chance to go to Garage Clothing and use a $50 gift card that they donated to each of the contestants! Thank you Garage for sponsoring the MTCW pageant 2013! It was such a blast, adorable clothes, and the staff was amazing! At the mall we also had $10 giftcards for the Urban Eatery to get dinner, and I had veggies, mango chicken and noodles at Ruby Thai which was delicious!

Being at the mall was so fun, and it was so much fun taking pictures with people at the mall and shopping at one of my favourite stores! Thanks  MTCW for another amazing day!


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